Frequently Asked Questions

This is some frequently asked questions we get pertaining to all the work we do, hopefully this helps with any questions you may have, if you still have some questions, please click here. We're always down to answer any question you may have. :) 


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What is Tie Dye?


Tie dyeing is a  method of dyeing by hand in which coloured patterns are produced in the fabric by gathering together many small portions of material and tying them tightly with string/elastics or sinew before adding dye to the fabric.


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Do you do custom orders?


We most certainly do, we will be taking orders once our shop is all sorted out in for the first month. We source our products from here in the city or will source online. Depending on the product that is desired, will determine how long it will take to complete it. Each item is different. T-shirts have the quickest turn over rate as they are very easy to source. Dresses and special tops are a bit tougher. Sourcing the right garment and also having right fabric content can be a challenge at times. 

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What types of fabrics can you dye?


 You can dye many types of fabric, including: cotton, silk, viscose, rayon, linen and denim.  They're all a little different when accepting the dye and cotton would be the best bet to get the best color vibrancy. A garment should have at LEAST 80% of these fabric types in in. Otherwise the dye won't be able to hold onto the fibers and wash out.

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What is ice dyeing?


Ice dyeing is the method in which you tie the product,  place ice on top of the product and place the dye powder on top or under the ice. The dye will move as the ice melts and creates very interesting patterns on the fabric. 

Will you be printing onto the tie dye products?


Definately! We will be using our own designs and doing custom designs for customers. Everything within our skill set, we will take on new types of projects for sure! Just gotta ask and we will see what we can do for you!

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Will types of products do you do vinyl printing on?


We started off on Christmas ornaments last year and they were very popular and from there, we were brave enough to do clothing and bought our first heat press. We started printing on wooden signs. cups and various stuff that have smooth surfaces. Basically, will attach vinyl to anything that will take it. We will be working on stickers and decals soon!