Stardust Clothing and Accessories

Natasha Seeseequasis 

My name is Natasha Seeseequasis and I am the owner of Stardust. I stem from Beardy's and Okemasis Cree Nation and I have two children, Oliver (8) and Aurora (15) and a loving and supportive partner, Michael. My love for art has been around since I was a child, and I began my pursuit of art after my son Oliver was born. It began with sewing, and I had created almost 300 bags and from there, I had tried tie dye and it then turned in to a love for tie dye clothing.From there, it kept evolving and needing more and more space for product and crafting. And I had opened my first shop in Centre mall and I had wanted to share the space with fellow artists to help them on there way. I really couldnt have done all this if it hadn't been for my amazing friends/family/community! Your support has not been ever forgotten, we love you guys so much and thank you for seeing this all through!

We are now at Midtown Plaza in an amazing front location and am now featuring 70+ local artisans. :)

Here is a look at her work and previous shops:

  Saskatoon Farmer's Market



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