We had been flirting with this idea since we had done the Praxis SMartStart Program in 2018. My initial business plan had outlined the idea of a workspace that would equip supplies and all the equipment for people to experience and practice on. All while holding a shop space to showcase fellow artists.

We are at a place where we can feature artists and I can have a mini workshop in the back and will be able to do some tie dye demonstrations in the shop. That's definitely a start and am very grateful for these opportunities that have presented themselves in the past few years. For which all of this wouldn't be possible.

There has been many ups and downs, for me personally...the toughest part was always the researching of the huge topics, such as: legal and tax information, payroll and all that fun paper work. Also, so many emails lol. Other than that, there are tons of tutorials for many things out there. The design aspect of the shop came a little easier...I was always a "treasure hunter" and was always looking for great ways to set up my own home space, so it was just more fun to see it come all through at the shop. To see something that you create, come to incredibly rewarding and makes it all worth it. When I get to discuss my work with others and for something to spark inside of their hearts, just creates another human connection. Which, in my the connection we all need, especially in times like this.

To all of my supporters, programs, mentors and all of the others out there following their dreams. For all of the people who are fighting the good fight, you push

me to keep trekking on in this crazy world. For that, I want to share my ideas, the love for the craft and just all of the good vibes I can. If ever you need to know any info or advice, I am HAPPY to give it if I have it. And if I don't have it, I can help you find it! :D

Remember, we are all made of stardust and we are capable of great things while we're floating on this rock through space! There are many resources out there, its really about finding that resource within, being present with it. Close your eyes, don't be afraid and find that beauty within. Who knows what it can turn into...I sure didn't. <3

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